Team Average

Every year the media company I write for here called I Love Chile, organises a trivia night to raise funds for the Helen Keller School for the blind. Since I’d never participated in any sort of trivia night before and, well, there’s just no excuse for saying no to these types of things when living abroad, I put my name down to be on I Love Chile’s team.

We all knew the theme of the night was Irish since St. Paddy’s is coming up, but for some reason failed to realise that this meant 80 percent of the questions were Irish related. By what two other names is Ireland called? What are the three main ingredients in an Irish stew? What animal was banished from Ireland in the 1800’s? Where was St. Patrick Born? And the list goes on. I proudly managed to add value a couple times giving correct answers like the Blarney Stone and Rory Mcilroy but it was sadly not enough and we managed to play a very average game, literally. We came 7th out of 14 teams. Not ideal for a number of reasons; various questions were taken from ILC’s monthly newspaper and our team were the defending champions.

Team Average were the youngest by about 30 years. I feel this put us at a disadvantage since wisdom comes with age. Also, and initially I thought this might hold us in good stead, not one of the eight players on Team Average was from the same country. If the questions weren’t Irish I suppose this fact might have been more useful. Collectively we represented (and in no particular order), South Africa, Denmark, Austria, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Chile and Kenya. Which is pretty cool! I thought that living here would give me the opportunity to get to know one other country and culture but I was wrong. Everyday I meet another person from another random country and learn another piece of historical, political and cultural information that I’m not sure I would have otherwise learnt about.

Like, did you know, Denmark sold their Virgin Islands to the States? They also own Greenland. Australia is an Asian country, all things considered and Ecuador’s capitol, Quito, is the only capitol of the world that lies on the Equator. And if you did know these facts, good for you!


Photo: Ricardo Salcedo

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