Monthly Archives: May 2012

A trip to the mountains

The great thing about Chile is that you can have breakfast in the mountains, then head for the coast and have lunch on the beachfront. Such is the benefit of being the spindly country that it is. It averages on 175km wide…. the length on the other hand is the opposite extreme- 4300km!!! The last time I managed to get out of the city was an embarrassingly long time ago; over three months. Finally a long weekend came up which posed a perfect opportunity to do something. A mere 35km outside of Santiago lies one of a few small (and rustic) ski resorts in the Andes. It’s crazy to think that with only such a small distance between you and the big city you are able to feel rejuvenated by the fresh air, calm surroundings and stunning views.  Continue reading


Observations of a Gringa

I’m technically not a Gringa (Gringo for men) since I don’t hail from the US, but its the look that counts. And here are some of my findings…. Continue reading

The One Down South

Back in February we took a two week trip to Chile’s Lake Region. The video camera made an appearance every now and again and this is some of what was recorded. Continue reading

Don’t hate the players, hate the game

A couple nights ago we found ourselves packed around the dining room table again. This, I would say is our favorite place to be. Perhaps favorite because, lets not forget, we live in an apartment and we’re not spoiled for choice. But if I think about it, its a really nice table we’ve got and if you get bored at what you’re looking at turn left and look at the world, left again and see the whiteboard which is always entertaining. Left again, a beautiful skyline of the wall paper variety and back to where you started, look out over the balcony which you shouldn’t have been bored with in the first place. Continue reading