Don’t hate the players, hate the game

A couple nights ago we found ourselves packed around the dining room table again. This, I would say is our favorite place to be. Perhaps favorite because, lets not forget, we live in an apartment and we’re not spoiled for choice. But if I think about it, its a really nice table we’ve got and if you get bored at what you’re looking at turn left and look at the world, left again and see the whiteboard which is always entertaining. Left again, a beautiful skyline of the wall paper variety and back to where you started, look out over the balcony which you shouldn’t have been bored with in the first place.

A lot of the time, and to my dismay, there’s a game of Monopoly going on around the table. I wish I enjoyed it more than I do, just like I wish I got into playing poker with my digsmates back in 2010. Instead I watched TV alone once a week or at least tried to watch over the noise made about the unexpected flop that just screwed someone over. Monopoly, much like poker, takes a lifetime to complete. It takes way to much effort for me to stay interested in something for that long. Which is a pity, because everyone seems to love it.

Since I love 30 Seconds I figured Pictionary would be a nice change. I put it down to the fast-paced-ness, guessing-type games that they are. Wrong again. Well, lets not be unfair here, it was a bunch of fun- most of the time. The rest of the time I was battling off demons that came along with trying to play a guessing game in a language I’m not very good at. If I cant do it properly, I don’t like doing it at all. And if I’ve made any self discoveries recently its that fact. Guessing remains fun because a picture looks the same in every language. But as for the drawing….. having to have the translation whispered in my ear before I set off can get annoying. Especially when the timer is set for two minutes and up to 5 or more pictures are being drawn and guessed. And also, my translator was French which, I don’t know if you can imagine, makes the task muy dificil.

But, don’t hate the player(s) hate the game(s).

Ciao for now

2 thoughts on “Don’t hate the players, hate the game

  1. Sam says:

    he was a good translator though!!!!!!

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