Observations of a Gringa

I’m technically not a Gringa (Gringo for men) since I don’t hail from the US, but its the look that counts. And here are some of my findings….

If it’s a public area, it’s a make-out area.

Moon bags never went out of fashion.

The other day I rode the metro with a young man who sported a lip ring. Attached to the ring was a chain that ended in a heart which dangled past his chin. Watching his girlfriend trying to kiss him was priceless.

A book exists the size of the Old Testament, called “How to survive in the Chilean Jungle”. This book defines Chilean slang words only. FML.

Feminists best stay away from the Streets of Santiago/Chile since here you have the pleasure of hearing all kinds of appreciative sounds and comments from passers-by. Rather out than in they always say.

On the other hand, feminists may enjoy the fact that here there is no such thing as ‘taking his last name’. You have two last names, your father’s and your mother’s. When you get married it stays this way. I’d imagine this makes life a lot easier when considering divorce.

Don’t admit to drinking vodka with coke, apparently even the thought is too much to bare.

Robinson Crusoe Island is off the coast of Chile.

In the 1960’s, Chile suffered the biggest earthquake of the 20th century.  The Earth shook for 10 minutes. It measured 9.5, higher than the Richter scale measured at the time. Up until that point the the scale only went up to 9.

Chile has amazing wine! Even the cheapest is good.

Entrepreneurship is not really a culture here so there is a lot opportunity for those who see themselves as the entrepreneurial type. The government runs a program called Start-Up Chile. Every year they award the winning business/man $40 000 US and a 1 year work visa. Aims include; changing the way Chileans perceive risk and reward & success and failure, stimulating changes in the entrepreneurial culture and becoming the leading innovation hub of Latin America. Woop woop!

Women are normal sized. In general, they are not consumed by how much they weigh and what they eat. It’s refreshing.

Despite the graphic anti-smoking pictures found on every cigarette box, people here smoke more than anywhere else I know.

Winter is going to be coooold.



2 thoughts on “Observations of a Gringa

  1. Sally says:

    Haha, loved this! x

  2. laseriful says:

    Apparently gringo/a means anybody who’s foreign, so there you are 😛 Also pfft, “winter is going to be cold” – I’m in the south near Pucon, you Santiago people don’t know how good you have it!

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