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So, Do you Speak Spanish?

I have been living in a Spanish speaking country for 10 months. That’s almost a year. But what does that mean for my Spanish? Do I consider myself a ‘Spanish speaker’? Its been an interesting, frustrating, challenging and amazing journey. And that’s exactly what it is, a journey.

I arrived in Santiago on the 12th of January (or something) knowing little more than hola and Ciao. Literally. If you read my very first entry you’ll see how I admit to blocking out the fact that I was about to encounter a huge language barrier by coming here. Someone, and I don’t remember who, told me that Spanish was an easy Language to learn. Hearing this helped me with the process of mentally blocking out the idea of actually learning another language. Its easy. Continue reading


The Best of Winter 2012

Santiago at dusk in late Winter. I can walk to this spot in 45 minutes, what a pleasure Continue reading

Beautiful Buenos Aires


4:40: leave for the airport

7:50: Fly to Buenos Aires

10:30ish: Arrive in Buenos Aires

10:50: Buy something at rip off airport prices to get some change in coins for a bus to San Telmo

11:00 Hop on the bus to San Telmo, ask the bus driver if he is indeed going there at all. Notice straight away that the combination between Spanish and Italian makes for a good looking nation. Continue reading