Beautiful Buenos Aires


4:40: leave for the airport

7:50: Fly to Buenos Aires

10:30ish: Arrive in Buenos Aires

10:50: Buy something at rip off airport prices to get some change in coins for a bus to San Telmo

11:00 Hop on the bus to San Telmo, ask the bus driver if he is indeed going there at all. Notice straight away that the combination between Spanish and Italian makes for a good looking nation.

11:30 Arrive in San Telmo, find Abbie’s house with relative ease. Both happy to see familiar faces we chat for ages and realise we should have been better friends in Chile 😀

14:30ish: Begin to wander around San Telmo, eat a savoury waffle (and so begins three days of tasty food), continue on to Plaza de Mayo and the Obelisco. Start to really like Buenos Aires.

18:00 Siesta

19:30 Get picked up by Ross Stuart Alford, aka my good friend Alfie.Can’t believe it’s been over two years since we were cooped up in the dungeon/ radio labs of the journ department bitching about project proposals. I drink my first bit of Mate (Argentine tea stuff) We head to an art gallery opening of a friend of his and I drink my first Argentine wine. Laugh at, as well as admire Alfie’s ‘I don’t care how I sound’ approach to speaking Spanish. Head to an Asado in the Northern Suburbs of Buenos Aires, more Argentine wine. Laugh at Alfie and the drinking problem his Argentine friends probably think he has. Head to a club around 3am and aren’t allowed in for no apparent reason. No bumping and grinding with hot Argies for me.

5:00 go to bed


12:00 wake up

15:00 only leave the house now and feel like I’ve wasted a whole day. But then I thought… When in Rome do as the Romans do, right?… I was, after all, making use of those early morning hours that the rest of the world ignores.

15:30 meet up with more familiar faces from my Colorado days. This makes me very happy indeed. I receive a certain amount of touristy information from them but am frequently reminded that they are tourists in this town too and thus don’t know the answer. We walk around Puerto Madero, the most modern part of the city that occupies a small bubble of an area in the huge metropolis. We have a ‘safety meeting’, you can use your imagination for that one. Let’s just say the architecture became all the more interesting afterwards. Good old Colorado days.

18:00ish We go to a really great free museum called Museo Bicentenario, built on and makes use of old ruins recently found. The Museum takes you on an interesting tour of the country and city’s history. Lots of things to look at watch which is great since I struggle to read things in English museums let alone Spanish ones.

That night: We make use of those early morning hours again, but we do so in a local bar. My fate is to never dance with hot Argentine.


13:00 wake up

15:30 head to the Cementerio de la Recoleta, home to many an important dead Argentine, the kind streets are named after. Including Eva Peron, The woman who Madonna played in ‘Evita’. We spend a good while strolling the maze, looking at old, massive and often rundown (depending on who lies there and whether or not they have relatives around to maintain it) graves. I saw a skull. By the end we have still not come across Eva Peron’s grave and we consult a map, which seems to purposefully misinform visitors about its location. Perhaps an attempt to maintain crowds since her grave is always completely surrounded.

17:00ish walk a short distance to visit a newish and already broken sculpture which resembles a flower and is meant to close during the night and reopen during the day (like a flower would). Luckily its stuck in the open position! I plant a seed in my friends head about missing his bus home which is a good couple hours away.

18:00 We begin to walk to a Brewery that’s not very far in terms of centimetres on the map, but is actually a la chucha. We end up taking a cab. We drink beer from Mar del Plata, the hometown of my friends. Fede is persuaded to not take his bus.

22:00 we go to Santi’s accommodation for the night, his cousin’s apartment. The most randomly located, wild cat infested building, but also the coolest apartment ever.  It just shows how far putting in a little effort can go! I am constantly aware that my bags are elsewhere and still unpacked, my transportation to the airport is yet to be organised and my plane leaves at 6:50am. The plan was to avoid sleep but by 2am all four of us lay passed out from exhaustion, mainly.

3:30 I get a taxi back to San Telmo, pack my bags (Abbie is still awake because she is addicted to Prison Break) pack my things (except my hair straightner goddamit), take another cab to the airport, wait around, fly to Mendoza, wait around, fly to Santiago, sleep every second I possibly can.

Amazing. And thanks to all involved!! Seriously, I am forever indebted to you for helping make my short stay just, amazing.


One thought on “Beautiful Buenos Aires

  1. Annette Messaris says:

    This really looks like the most incredible trip. man reminds me of old times and get sad. glad you had the best trip. xxx

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