The Best of Winter 2012

Santiago at dusk in late Winter. I can walk to this spot in 45 minutes, what a pleasure

Looking west-ish. Santiago from one of my best spots.

Sunset from the Andes looking down on Santiago and it’s smog.

A young boy practices his tricks with friends in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Desiree plays football in the park with the boys. A debate of some sort seems to be going on.

There are still many places yet to be explored in this world but I doubt I will find any of them to be as liberal when it comes to public displays of affection.

Jose-Maria takes a photo of me taking a photo of him in the Ski resort town of Farellones. Autumn, 2012.

Pichilemu is known for its big winter waves.

Jimmy the rock climbing fanatic does his thing on a beach in Pichilemu.

Alone time

The football and the sea. Chovallen, 6 hours south of Santiago.

A semi-blind man offers horse rides on the beach at Pelluhue, 6 hours south of Santiago.

‘The Spot’ on our last day of our trip to Chovallen for the Dieciocho celebrations.

Pelluhue beach, recovering nicely from the 2010 tsunami.

2 thoughts on “The Best of Winter 2012

  1. Jackie Bourhill says:

    What a lovley selection of photos. I really enjoy your take on what you see around you. Keep up the good work!!

  2. capitan Pipe says:

    Vic is CHOVELLEN 😀

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