Top 10 Moments of 2012

In no particular order I’m going to list ten of my most memorable moments from Chile in 2012. They were either memorable for a good reason or are looked back on with fondness in hindsight only.


1)  Meeting the infamous Negro Piñera. Fondly refferred to as “Black Piñera”, the President’s brother has earned his own fame by partying and surrounding himself with beautiful women and generally being the opposite of his brother.


2) This picture happens to be the last one ever taken on my prized DSLR camera before drowning it in Sprite in my backpack. Please note how unattractive everyone looks with two sets of head gear or absailing-type helmets on. A broken camera was a cherry on top of our bad decision to rent from the cheapest company. Bikes were awefully uncomfortable. We laughed at Sam for renting an expensive bike, the bike you see behind me… he swapped with me or I would have died.


3) Getting stuck in a 7 hour traffic jam that turned a 6 hour journey into 13 hours. The whole of Santiago was leaving town for Chile’s independance day (week) celebrations. Its safe to say we walked most of the way.


4) When your roomate buys an antique combi and you take your frist trip in it. The weekend’s accomodation was truely disgusting and tiny and came with complimentary rotting fruit, questionable bedding and more. It was one of my best 72 hours in Chile. Sun, beach, guitars, barbeques, friends, strangers, stray dogs, bon fires. French kisses.


5) September 8th. 5 birthdays, 1 cake, 1 party. Not many memories. A friend makes cakes as a hobby and made one with 5 flags on it. France, South Africa, Mexico, Denmark and Nicaragua.


6) Trying to speak the language of love. My first attempt at trying to get to know someone without being able to communicate. Yes that is an iPhone in my hand and yes, I’m using google translate. He was my Valentine 🙂


7) The time I got to show friends from home my favourite spot  in Santiago. There is nothing like seeing a familiar face in a foreign land.


8) Waking up to this. The time a Chilean, an American and a South African used a van as transport and accomodation.


9) Getting stuck in rainy Valdivia during a long-haul bus ride. Deciding to visit the Kunstsmann Brewery, getting jolly and meeting a stranger who later became a close friend and someone we named our cat after.


10) Every now and again when I took a moment to realise where I was and what I was doing. (those moments are also very frequent in 2013- as you can tell)

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Moments of 2012

  1. Looks fantastic! I am actually moving to Chile, Santiago now in May. Cant wait!!

  2. Sam says:

    Such a good time

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