Picture This: You’re in France

First of all…. what would France be without wine? Here I am enjoying two bottles of some interesting Grapefruit Rosé which came to the amount of about R60 or 5 euro. Also, to be able to drink in public makes sundowners on the beach a real attractive option. And also, commuting between venues-of-consumption with drink in hand is a winner. 


A very ‘French’ picture considering the black and white stripes. All she’s missing is a beret and a little red scarf. Also, being a young, petite, attractive woman is also quite French…. Perhaps a diet of bread, olives, wine and cheese makes Coco a healthy girl.


What can I say about this one? A typical image of land and sea meeting on the French Riviera. The sea is more like a lake, I must admit. No waves or visible difference in tides. 


This young man looked a little out of place as a fisherman in this port filled with mega yachts. Notice them in the background along with the tents for the Antibes Yacht Show. An event that originally tried to sell tickets at 20 euro per day and ended up handing them out by the bucket load. Probably because such a small fraction of people in life are rich enough to attend and spend. you cannot fathom the money in this industry.


If you are French you have a dog. No, correction. If you are French you have a small dog. These will be the most well groomed dogs you will ever sea, except sometimes they should rather pass for rats than dogs (note my position on small dogs). Here though, you sea a cat (and half a dog). A huge number of homeless people, perhaps even the majority of them, keep pets. 


Please excuse the lack of photos taken. I have been bad. I blame it on the smart phone. But these are some good ones Iv got so far on the Canon G12. 

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2 thoughts on “Picture This: You’re in France

  1. dad says:

    Can you see the sea?

  2. Devon says:

    great write and beautiful photos… keep up the good work 🙂

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