10 Funny Photos From the Road

        1. The Guy With the Tash Tattoo

This Aussie and fellow Amtrak passenger had a mustache tattooed on both of his pointer fingers. What for? To do as you see him doing below, I guess. Somewhere between Sacramento and Portland, USA.


        2. The Flying Dane

Somewhere just across the Bolivian border from Chile, in a very high and windy part of the World, people have had to hold on to things so as not to be blown away. When he suggested taking this shot, I had no idea how cool and believable it would turn out.


        3. The Baywatch Babe

When I saw this lady strutting towards me I just had to get it on camera. The overall effect is quite amusing to me, what with her choice of swimwear and decision not to rub in the sun cream. Pucon, Chile.


        4. The ‘Encyclopedia Brown’

During the same trip to Pucon, my  roommates would randomly do their Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective impersonations. This included pulling their pants up high, the same with the socks and putting on an act that I won’t do justice to if I try explain it here. But know that it was so funny a smile still spreads across my face when I think of it today.


        5. The Pick-Up Trick

It always amazed me the young age at which kids were skiing when I worked a ski season in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was so funny how their instructors would haul them up off the ground with a quick grab and yank of their jackets.


        6. The Taco

I learnt quickly on this trip that taco is not only a delicious Mexican food but also the Spanish word for traffic jam. We sat in this taco for 7 hours and in that time covered no more than 70 km. This photo shows very well how bored we were at one stage. Other problems included needing to pee, dealing with hunger and getting annoyed with each other.


        7. Five Kiwis and a Saffa

During my solo South American adventure I went to Machu Picchu. It was Christmas Eve and I went alone. But the asses you see below belong to the 5 New Zealanders who had decided to hit up the ancient Inca ruins on the same day. They asked me to take this photo of them on our walk back. 


        8. The Beached Whale

Maybe its because I’m hardly ok with being naked on my own when no-one is watching that I find this kind of thing amazing. Good for her but I just can’t relate. Not the best shot in the world, all things considered, but I did take it while walking past and trying not to be too obvious abut it.


        9. The One with Homer Simpson

So as should be obvious to you, I didn’t take this photo myself but it had to be included. Chileans have quite an obsession with The Simpsons. The paraphernalia can be found everywhere and apparently so can Homer himself. Yip, thats me and Homer having a beer in downtown Santiago.


        10. The Failed Attempt at Tripping

In Peru there is a natural hallucinogenic drink called San Pedro, made from cactus. Once ingested it sends you on a trip  similar to that of mushrooms or acid (and is 100% legal). These British boys wanted the effects without the pain (the stuff is ABsolutely disgusting, barely drinkable). Instead of mixing the powder with the correct amount of water, they half emptied their bottles and proceeded to drink the undissolved, undrinkable, most-bitter-thing-I’ve-ever-tasted stuff….. and failed. After about an hour of trying to swallow it they gave up and unanimously agreed that it definitely didn’t rank in their top 5 drugs. 


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4 thoughts on “10 Funny Photos From the Road

  1. Sulty Marshall :) says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. Fucking fantastic!!!! 🙂 good for you! Xx

  2. Kiwi says:

    Great photos! The people you meet while traveling definitely makes the trip 🙂

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