Someone I Once Met: “Chile’s Flamboyant First Brother”

One long weekend in 2012 a friend and I took a trip to La Serena, a bigger-sized Chilean coastal town. As we waited in line outside the club I pointed out a man thinking he wasn’t more than just a funny looking fat guy in a black cap. “Oh my God! Do you know who that is?” Was her response. “That’s Negro Piñera, the president’s brother!”

Known as “Negro” or “Black” Piñera, this guy is infamous for being the complete opposite of his successful sibling and has been referred to as ‘Chile’s Flamboyant First Brother’. His life is one big party and his dabbling in this and that (not excluding drugs) includes the release of a Louis Armstrong cover. Once inside the club we scoped the place out for him, he wasn’t hard to find since he comes with a string of young attractive gold diggers….I mean women.

We watched from a short distance away as he politely had his photo taken with club-goers with a big smile on his face. The two of us waited for the inevitable moment when he notices the only two blonde girls (we’re in Chile) itching to meet him. He makes eye contact and sticks his hand out almost immediately beckoning us to push through the crowd and chat to him. Stoked! I’m such a sucker for the rich and famous. His English is immaculate and he tells us he studied in London and has been to South Africa, the two places we’re from. He invites us to his birthday party back in Santiago and although such an invitation is quite a thrill, we don’t attend.


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