Someone I Once Met: International Lovers

He is Spanish and she’s Mexican. They met in Chile, and this is a love story. Desireé became my sister sometime in July 2012 when she knocked on my apartment door ready to move in. A mouth full of braces and a heart full love for everyone, Desireé is the bounciest, smiliest person; the kind who leaves balloons and sticky notes all over your room for your birthday when you hardly know her.


To her left is Pedro, or ‘the Coach’ as we called him, because of his striking resemblance to the coach of the Barcelona football team. They had both come to Santiago as exchange students. I remember the night they met at a mid-week pre-drinks where the quick evolution of their contagious happiness began. In true Desireé style, they did not kiss that night, but it wasn’t long before they were joking about if their wedding would be held in Mexico or Spain.

But as all exchange students must do, they returned to their respective countries- determined to make it work. That was 7 months ago. A few days ago, they reunited on another continent, In Toronto, Canada. Their happiness could be felt all around the world as those who know them commented on and liked the photo of their first embrace. They’re just kids but these two have re-established my faith in love. All the best to you two.

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