Someone I Once Met: The Sailor-Player

This is Yann, A Frenchman who loves sailing as much if not more than he loves women. Its no wonder we came to be friends after a chance meeting on the docks- he can’t resist the ladies. At the age of 15, a young Yann left home and along with a few other same-aged teenagers, sailed from France to Brazil. In fact, a documentary was made of their journey- so there is even footage of the great achievement.  That was over twenty years ago now and since then he has done over twenty Atlantic crossings on sail boats.

He once tried to put into words what sailing does to him but reverted to a motioning of his arm and fist suggesting tthat just looking at sails full of wind gives him a hard on. For this reason, I’d say, its not possible for a woman to tame him. His very obvious love for the sea and sailing is a priority and it must be very frustrating for a girl who falls for his charm. This is not to say that he has no time for the ladies. In fact, there could be more than one on the scene at any time. He loves tea, but not the super market bought stuff- the quality stuff- and he loves to share its goodness with people. He’s kind and bossy and is a salty sea dog if there ever was one.

This is Yann on the boat he captains, True Blue

This is Yann on the boat he captains, True Blue

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