Someone I Once Met: The Crazy Beautiful Latina


When I met Xaviera at a farewell party in Santiago she was dressed like a flower. It was a costume party with no particular theme and that is what she came up with. I should have known then and there that she would go into my ‘crazy friend’ category. Xaviera is made up of two halves…the first 50% of this Chilena is a dirty Electro music lover, music festival goer, weird photos on Facebook putter. The other 50% is a medicine student who hardly drinks, doesn’t take drugs, studies hard, is top of her class and knows exactly where she’s going in life. She is both of these people all the time.

Xaviera quite possibly has parents with the tightest reins I’ve ever met. What’s strange is that if there was ever a child to trust it would be this one. But still, her concerned mother is not beyond showing up at a house party when her daughter doesn’t answer the phone. And yet this 22 year old has still not rebelled. Although, she is not without a plot to slowly loosen the grip her loving parents have on their only child. When I heard that she managed to go to Brazil without them and with their blessing (and money) I was amazed.. and proud. Then the inevitable part came up about how she went to visit a cousin. But its a good start.

When I decided to feature Xaviera (pronounced Javiera), I had a squizz at her Facebook page and found a status that struck a chord.

“Men: if I’m being nice to you it doesn’t mean I want you to be my boyfriend. thank you for your attention”

God love you my crazy friend! You can deliver my babies one day. Not sure I’d let you be my psychiatrist though.

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2 thoughts on “Someone I Once Met: The Crazy Beautiful Latina

  1. Xavier says:

    I’m not that tight. She can do whatever she wants (especially inviting me to electro parties).
    I only need to know where on earth she is. Signed: The Father of this crazy girl I love so much.

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