Someone I Once Met: I’m not drunk I’m Irish

All quotes should be read with a strong Irish accent

DSC00891“Ireland had money for 10 years. But it didn’t suit us”. The Irishman had us laughing out loud again- his bag full of one-liners is endless and each one is funnier than the last. This time it was a personal observation about Ireland’s economic situation. An apt discussion while in a country currently in crisis. Spanish class was over for the day and it was beer o’clock. The scruffy (almost dirty) redhead attends the same Spanish language school as I do here in Barcelona and after two hours of class his need for a beer or three was obvious. But no-one likes to drink alone.

‘What is it about you Southern Hemisphere people and sitting in the sun?’ he asked my fellow Saffa friend and I after we chose a sunny outside spot to drink our beers. It happened to be a brilliant October day in a week of freakishly warm weather. The summer feeling should have been long gone so it was imperative we appreciate it while we could. I suggested he remove his jersey but apparently his t-shirt was too dirty for that.

William sports a scar above his right eye. Not from a fight he says. And the cast around his arm comes from a fall. I openly joke with him that I don’t know what to believe. “The truth darlin.” I cant imagine that William and I have all that much in common, judging from his appearance and the short amount of time I’ve known him. But we are both sedentary travellers. This is a term I’ve come up with to describe the type of travel I enjoy and the type of traveller I am. More time in one place rather than less in many is a personal preference of mine. William feels the exact same way and has spent the past 6 years in Italy, Germany and Spain, although he says Ireland is a good place to be. “The girls are up for it. The guys are up for it.” Comments like this keep me wondering about the cause of his injuries. May the luck of the Irish be with you William in your newest adventure in Barcelona.

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