#NoMakeUpSelfie, No Harm


Why do people who contribute nothing to awareness on a day to day basis (or ever) get in a tiff about how little difference a Facebook trend like the ‘no make-up selfie’ makes? {I bet you did a neknomination, so, um…}

I don’t even waste my time reading articles that bash it because I know where I stand on the matter and its somewhere between ‘it doesn’t hurt’ and ‘every bit helps’. Whether it raises money or makes any significant changes is certainly a question worth asking. But how could getting it on the lips and minds of people be considered anything but positive?

Maybe it’ll remind someone somewhere to go get checked. That checkup could save their life.

Don’t get me started on the “I don’t usually do this” part of it though. And we’re talking ‘taking selfies’ here. We all take selfies girls- no shame in it. I’m in full support of removing the stigma attached. Having traveled solo I’m an advocate for the #noshameselfie.

What does get to me is the make-up I’ve detected in some of these so called ‘no make-up selfies’. This gets to me instead of the whole thing possibly achieving nothing. {Which we’ve all agreed isn’t true, right?}

Most importantly it’s got me thinking about someone who is no longer with us because of cancer. She managed to pull through breast cancer after being the youngest woman in South Africa to be diagnosed with it, only to lose the battle to a very aggressive stomach cancer later on. Watch this space for the full story of Someone I Once Met: Christin Page. She loved a good selfie.

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