Where you Goan?

……A Goan Beach Scene……..

What makes a Goan beach?

Is it the golden brown sand meeting the blue Arabian sea?

Or the cows roaming freely up and down the beach just after sunrise and before sunset, cleverly avoiding the lava-like sand?

Maybe it’s the palm trees every now and then losing a coconut or dead branch to the scorching earth.

How about the hut accommodations with sea facing restaurants that line the beach? Or the menus at each one, all suspiciously similar and equally extensive. Indian, Chinese, Western, Israeli.

And the Mango Lassies? Chai tea?

It must be the Sunset yoga. Maybe even the faded and torn flyers for it.

Or the hot bodies frolicking in the warm water- hot from the sun and the yoga.

Is it the temporary-ness of it all? The fact that come rainy season, every structure that lines the beach is folded away, ready to be built again next season.

It has to be the Russian menus.

Is it ‘not the real India’? Is it too pleasant?

What about the crows that that make up all the birdlife, unpleasant to see and hear. Scavenging no differently than they did in the slums.

The tattoos on travellers old and young, telling stories of lives preferably lived out in Goa.

What is a Goan beach?

It’s 600 km’s south of Mumbai and anything you want it to be.







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2 thoughts on “Where you Goan?

  1. We love Chait Tea and Lassies!

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