Goa to Gokarna by Rail – a Photo Essay

India has one of the most extensive railway systems in the world. In four weeks I’ve only taken one train trip however, and I’m on the verge of vowing ‘train or nothing’. The roads are so perfectly shitty its no wonder people are drawn to the smooth, hypnotizing rhythm of the tracks.

This particular trip was just about covering the short distance from our spot in Goa to a new destination- Gokarna- where hippies of the world come to, well, be hippies (work on their dreads, play bongo drums and smoke weed). And while Goa has the reputation of sucking people in and never spitting them out, Gokarna is somewhere only the hardcore folks go to stay and never look back. We managed 5 or so very relaxing days there, doing so little time almost went backwards.

I got a bit over excited at the thought of finally training it and went a little wild taking photos. I was quite pleased with how some turned out.








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