10 Indian Animal Encounters

Those who know me well know that I am a crazy cat lady. I’ve moved past the point of caring too much when people speak mean words about my fluffy friends. “Dogs are better” “dogs are loyal”, “dogs actually care about you”. All valid points, and of course, I love dogs too. But I’m not hurt by the the fact that a cat doesn’t need me. I’m in awe of their independence. And cuteness.

But this post isn’t about cats or how much I love them and the surprising amount of people that hate them. This post is about all the animals in India that stole my heart for a moment.


A photogenic Himalayan goat!


Snowballs (puppies) in a travel agency in Goa


A cat called Jacqueline in Goa


Dogs playing at the sunset point (hippie hangout) in Hampi


One of the pups from the previous picture- on a different day in a different location.


Lakshmi the Elephant gets a bath twice a day in Hampi. Lucky girl.


These kitties lost their mom to a street dog just the day before. You can see me trying to coax them out with my necklace. Poor babies. Goa.


Temple viewing didn’t capture me as much as the monkeys did. Not that I’m huge fan of monkeys.


The Beatles came to Rishikesh in the ’50s and stayed in this now dilapidated ashram. this guy showed us around the grounds.


Puppy love in Daramshala. Covering my hands to avoid street dog diseases.

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