I am

I wrote a cover letter for a freelance Assistant Editor position for an online publication called Pink Pangea. It is, in a nutshell, ‘a community for women travelers’. This is what I said, more or less. The pictures are an added addition, for your pleasure, not theirs. 


Me on my second gap year in 2012, the same and yet a very different person I am today

I am a writer.


and this is how I spend a lot of my time

Because I am a writer in this modern world, I am also an editor, a photographer, videographer and web designer. The world of online media is the world of multi-media and so it is the world of Jacks-of-all-trades. I studied Journalism at a prestigious South African university known for its Journalism department, facilities, degree and of course all the famous faces of media that studied there.

It worked this way: 2 years of general Journalism and 2 years of specialised Journalism. It was your choice to spend two years studying and practicing either photography, writing, television, radio, new media or design. I chose radio. The fact that I majored in audio journalism and have subsequently been involved in media of all kinds got me thinking…. Today’s Journalism student should not be specialising in just one thing, and certainly not for two whole years.

It’s no secret that the online presence media holds has journalists juggling all types of it on a day to day basis. It’s no longer sufficient for a news broadcaster to merely read the news. He or she should be tweeting, sharing and blogging. Writers should be doing the same, and since we live in a digital, visual world, a writer would do well to be a photographer too.

I am a traveller.


Finding my feet in India

One thing university failed to do was ready me for the working world. ‘Work’ as we know it was something that I avoided after graduating. I did this by work-travelling around the world for four years. Ski-instructing, teaching, working on yachts, you name it- I did it. And as a result I have become an advocate for travel and its benefits on the human race.

A previous job in the communications department of a big company and my personal/travel blog have taught me as much and more than university did. The interest I have in my blog stats has heightened my awareness and interest in social media and its uses, trends, effects, benefits and limitations. My blogging experience has also increased my editing and proof reading skills along with the obvious influence it’s had on my writing.

I also understand why paragraphs have halved in word count.

Sometimes sentences become paragraphs themselves.

Just one of the many ways the internet has changed the way we read and write.


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