Hello from Hong Kong

Almost two months in and only now am I getting down to write something Hong Kong related. Terrible, I know. The thing is, there’s been a lot going on and I’m going to use that as an excuse for why I’ve been so slack on producing content. Then again, as someone once said; “If you don’t write when you don’t have time, you won’t write when you do.” So utterly true and blows my excuse out of the water completely.

Ok fine, I have another one then. This time my excuse is that for the almost two months that I’ve been here my life has revolved around spending as little money as possible. Luckily I got a job soon after arriving. But there were a long couple of weeks where my man and I waited for our work visas to process. Anyone with a brain knows that it’s not wise to spend money when you’re not making it. And anyone who’s ever lived in a city, or lived at all, knows that doing things costs money. (A down payment on a rental apartment here costs you 3.5 month’s rent which has been our biggest reason to budget).


A view of Hong Kong Island from Kowloon on the mainland

That’s not to say we didn’t keep ourselves busy exploring the cheapest or free-est spots in and around Hong Kong. Our lack of money also didn’t stop us from agreeing with everyone else that Hong Kong is a fantastic city. Easy to navigate, beautiful, and not too expensive- even for budgeters like ourselves. Besides taking advantage of free museum days, various landmarks and beaches, we have also been forced to explore what’s out there in terms of the city’s best value for money meals.

Our living situation has been…interesting. It’s not been uncomfortable or dirty- on the contrary. We’ve temporarily shacked up in a brand new serviced apartment. Hong Kong is full of these serviced apartments which are basically single en-suite rooms that have access to a communal fridge and microwave.

Getting anything from the fridge involves being seen by other residents. He threatened to go out there like this once.

Getting anything from the fridge involves being seen by other residents. He threatened to go out there like this once.

So yes, you guessed it, we’ve been kitchen-less for a good while now. Say hello to microwave meals and cheap restaurants. Our self-inflicted price limit has had us peering into, walking out of and when the price is right, settling down to eat in various budget restaurants around Hong Kong.

Watching a friend and fellow blogger complete a 30 day juicing challenge with emphasis on the importance of healthy eating was tough. It was a sobering reminder that I was definitely not aware of exactly where my food was coming from.

Riding the world's largest outside escalator system is free! up up up!

Riding the world’s largest outside escalator system is free! up up up!

By the way- did I mention that our room is 8.5 square meters small? Real estate in Hong Kong is amongst the most expensive in the world. The tiniest, nothing-special apartment costs about the same as a mansion elsewhere in the world. So just know that we pay more than you could ever imagine a sane person would pay for 8.5 meters worth of space. That’s just the way it is.

The bathroom sink is the kitchen sink and our cutlery is plastic. And although we’ve done our best to explore the city on a budget, there’s been ample time spent on our respective beds which serve as couches, desks, and dining tables. There’s no doubt in my mind that one day, maybe not too far in the future, we’ll remember this time fondly. All the instant meals and bad TV shows, the being forced to live in each other’s pockets and above all, learning, growing and moving forward in life.

In the same breath, we’re looking forward to July when we move into a real apartment!

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