Potential reasons why the blogging stopped

1. I hit a slump and never came back. (Never say never?)

2. I became a full-time primary school teacher and feel weird about how readily available my  inner thoughts are (which have been known to include ‘drugs’ and PG encounters)

3. Who knows what’s acceptable for a teacher to say or write.

4. Its an endless game getting Facebook and other social media sights to cooperate and show your content to people. #algorithms #paidposts

5. If I write something good and stats are low I die a little inside. I put so much effort into each post and then Facebook plays hide and seek with it.

6. I became increasingly unsure of my brand and what I was bringing to the table. It became less about travel and more about me and my opinions. Perhaps I needed a new space.

7. But I love my space! Just look at it!

8. If my personal online behaviour and click-through rate is anything to go by……. no-one reads things anymore! So what’s the point.

9. Someone I Once Met was the most continually successful dimension of the blog. Somewhere along the line I lost my nerve writing about people I know and who know me and who I can potentially insult. I need a formula.

10. The haters. People are violent bullies when they have a cyber facade to hide behind. Just like I left South Africa before I became a statistic, did I stop the blog before people said shit I couldn’t handle?

11. I find it very difficult to ignore negative comments/feelings/cybervibes. Things stick with me and ruin my day!

12. I’m lazy.

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6 thoughts on “Potential reasons why the blogging stopped

  1. Deva says:

    I’m all about number 9. Maybe the blog should be limited to one or two focused series like that one?

    This is also greeeaaat advice from someone who doesn’t blog anymore either >.<

    • Victoria says:

      Hahahaha I value your advice and agree on this too. …. But then what do I do with my thoughts and feelings on say, reality tv. Where would that fit in?!

  2. franco says:

    So South Africa is worse than Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA safety wise???

  3. Desiree says:

    Hi Victoria, love your blog and opinions! South African myself but using my opportunity to get my Dutch passport to hopefully start seeing the world as well. I think you have the right to feel what you feel and express it and shits like Franco should keep their negativity to themselves! All the best to you and keep on blogging, you give the rest of us hope.

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