She Who Wanders

Welcome to life narrated by me. It’s the Wanderlust is just another travel blog with emphasis on who as much as where and what. I come here to rehash my encounters with people and places, and if there are any tips to be found they’ll be rolled up in some tasty anecdotal story and served with a side of snickers, hopefully.

Its been a good couple years spent continent hopping. Below you see me aboard my home and place of work in the South of France in 2013. I’m currently a resident of Hong Kong and am constantly yearning for return trips to my beloved Colorado and Republica de Chile which both left lasting marks on me after once calling them home.





3 thoughts on “She Who Wanders

  1. Jo Morgan says:

    Hi Vicky- I wasn’t sure how to contact you! We at OnboardOnline have taken you up on your kind offer to repost your blog post about yachting not being for everyone. Ain’t that the truth! You can see it here:

    We’ve put a link back to your blog, hope you get some traffic out of it. I only changed a couple of words in there, just due to house style. Hope that’s ok. Thanks again and drop in to the office anytime or contact me at Jo

  2. Jason Johnston says:

    What a sweet blog!!

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