First World Problems

My problem is first world you say?

Rendering my issue irrelevant, hey.

My privileged life has come to this,

A muffled sound I should make, unless

My problem becomes what you deem worthy

Starving, bleeding, dying, dirty.

A lucky few have never had

to live with tragedy quite as bad

as most of our brothers far and wide

and so my worries I should hide?

My anger, my pain, my suffering re

An ‘irrelevant matter’ (like gluten free)


How dare you feel this way my dear?

Haven’t I made myself quite that clear?

You are not marginilsed in any way

Your house looks out over the bay

Your life is enviable to many degrees

Stop your whining, honey, please.

We don’t care that you have fought

Tooth and nail and are now distraught

About that damn visa or delayed jet

People are starving, don’t you forget.

Just keep keep clam and carry on

You don’t have problems. You hear me? None.


To what degree am I allowed to feel

if I myself have been born free?

According to you it’s guilt alone,

but your criteria are not my own.



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