Someone I once Met: The Lover

20130629_192436If you don’t like people telling you they love you after only a few days, then you won’t like Indira. Then again, even if that’s not your thing, you’ll still like Indira. “I lo’ you baby” she says to me in her Spanish accent. Even though she just said it to someone else a minute ago, you can’t help but smile when its your turn to receive the Venezuelan love. Indira’s been in the yachting industry for 8 years now and helps me feel better when she says she still makes mistakes in her job.  (We hold exactly the same position – sole stew on a sailing yacht, give or take a couple meters difference in yacht size.) Her telling me this the other day may have altered my state of mind for the better just in time for my last two charters of the season. You see, weather they try to or not, people in charge can often make you feel simple for making mistakes. Her and I decided it makes us human.

When our boats are in Antibes they’re docked next to each other. And this is how we came to meet. She’s been on board for 4 years and my boats held the same permanent berth for 11, so it was inevitable that we begin to chat and share one our favourite pastimes…..getting in touch with our hippy/creative/happy sides with the help of… um, cigarettes. Indira is useful for other things too including practicing my Spanish, which doesn’t happen very often because I’m a lazy sonofabitch 😦

I’m not sure I will ever see her again. She will begin to cross the Atlantic for a Caribbean season before I get rid of my guests, and well, I’m not really convinced about staying in the industry myself. I’m just going to have to rely on good old Facebook to receive my helpings of love. Watch out world, Indira makes a mean mojito and her sailing abilities make her a lot more hard-core than most of you!

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